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Time flies, and the village grows ...

Since it blossomed in 2005, our haven of peace has not stopped growing, getting larger and more beautiful by the day. Adapting to the various needs and dreams of its various visitors and friends. Today, it is finally ready to welcome its first real guests. Even if its final form, with up to 5 tree houses and various common meeting and sharing areas, will require some more years to be achieved.

The Lovers' Pergola

A flowered kiosk, a low red sunset, and in the swing by your side, your very own sunshine. Things could be worse, don’t you think?

And as far as we can see, this is what the future holds ...

The Fire Place

​​When the night falls, there is nothing like human warmth, sitting together around the fire pit, filling your soul listening to the forest breathing, and your belly with a nice barbecue.


The Veggie Garden

Also including an orchard, with not less than 15 medicinal and edible species, grown in wall bars, in an organic and sustainable way.

La Plateforme d'Observation

Avec une sublime vue plongeante sur un océan vert, l'endroit parfait pour méditer en s'élevant en haut des cimes...

La Place au Soleil

Venez dès les premières heures du matin vous recharger en énérgie positive, au coeur du verger et du potager, sous la protection des panneaux solaires qui nourrissent le village.

Place à Feu du haut

En haut ou en bas, deux places à feux, deux manières de ressentir la nature, que l'on préfère le chuchotement du cours d'eau ou la compagnie des étoiles ...

Le Boulodrome

Les experts sont formels, il est toujours l'heure de taquiner le cochonnet, surtout sur un terrain aussi soigné et surprenant que le nôtre ...

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