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Deep down
up in the canopy
you may lose track
or find your nest
on the way, please
feel free to fall
for a rare rest
On forest crests
So, yes
Feel free
The project


A project full of hope, to live for a moment in tune with the rhythm of such a delicate and wonderful nature, perched in high trees, in the sweet shelter of their protective branches.


A village for lost children. For our own inner children.

The village

Around the “Mother”, enjoy the many places to meet, to relax, to meditate, to observe nature and, of course, other tree houses (two other are under construction).


Discover what has been achieved, and what is yet to be accomplished.


Our guest-town is open from May till November.


6 meters above the ground,  powered by solar energy, with breath-taking perspective on an ocean of green and enough room to host up to 4 persons.
Book your stay now!

​Get involved

Our village grows smoothly, naturally and organically thanks to the help of noble and charitable souls who come to give a hand.


If you too are tempted by this adventure, you will be received with honest joy and respect !

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