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The Project

What a strange idea to build a place to live up high in the wild branches, deep in the Creuse forest ...

But quite a simple idea, really. The idea of Coming Back. Back to peace. Back to the roots. Back to yourself. Back to this lost paradise when we'll know how to look up, not to look out.

My name is Charles-Jules


At the age of 14, I left home to travel around the world, on my own. Six continents in three years, quite a way to go, landscapes to discover and great people to learn from … Upon my return, I learned the art of carpentry with the Compagnons, then the delicate science of herbalism and finally ended in the world of acrobanche ©.


Great encounters and competences gathered along the way helped me understand my path, my mission. Create a haven of peace, the communion of Nature and Man, so that the links between them, too long neglected, can be rewoven.


The Art of Carpentry

Guess I'm pretty lucky. 'Cause, for the pas 17 years, I've been knocking on wood. I've been tackling it, tickling it, chiseling it and, most of all, listening to it.


Thanks to the Compagnons, I have learned precision and rigour. Thanks to the trees, I have learned to stand tall and own up to any storm. From both, I have learned the importance of the roots, for the branches to spread.


​There was no better way to pay respect to my masters in life than to bring them together in this little Eden, as a tribute to their wisdom and their generosity. The way it should be done.

The Eco Source Arboricole


Located in the middle of a natural park, in the shadows of the Auvergne volcanos, our “village of the lost children” benefits from the best air quality in France, gently fostering a luxuriant flora and fauna.


Possibilities for hiking, fishing, cycling or horse riding are endless in this hidden paradise.


But wait, there is more ! The village is also a place of sharing and learning, raising consciousness on interactions between Man and Nature and holding workshops to learn carpentry, accorbranche, bush craft and soft survival. Enough to fulfill all appetites, for as it is well known, Man doesn’t just feed on bread.

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